Qualifying Medical Conditions for Social Security

The Listing of Impairments is a long list of medical conditions considered by the Social Security Administration to be severe enough to prevent an individual from working. Many of the impairments on the list are permanent or are expected to result in death or include a specific statement of duration. For all others, the evidence must show that the impairment has lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of at least 12 months. The criteria in the Listing of Impairments are applicable to evaluation of both SSDI and SSI claims.

You may be disabled even if your impairment is not on the Listing of Impairments. The Social Security Administration will move to the next step in its multi-step evaluation process. Gregg Nelson has decades of experience in this area and will tirelessly advocate on your behalf throughout the evaluation process. Contact Nelson Law Office for a free consultation today.