Denied Workers Comp Benefits in Minnesota?

You May Need a Workers Compensation Attorney.

If the insurance company denies your Minnesota Workers Compensation claim, it will issue a Notice of Insurer’s Primary Liability Determination form stating denial of primary liability. You will receive a copy of the form, which must detail the facts used to deny your claim.

If you disagree with the denial, contact Minnesota Workers Compensation Attorney Gregg Nelson to discuss your options. Gregg has been helping clients win their workers compensation claims for more than 30 years. He takes an aggressive stance for his clients. He will fight to help you get full and fair compensation for all of your losses, from wages or income to medical expenses, vocational rehabilitation, and benefits for permanent loss of function.

The insurance company may also deny your claim after it has paid some benefits. For instance, an insurer may discontinue benefits when it believes that the employee has recovered from an injury and should have returned to work. Nelson Law Office can help you obtain a reinstatement of benefits.