Gregg B. Nelson

After graduating from law school at the University of North Dakota, I practiced law in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, working as a general practice attorney. I represented individuals injured in work and other accidents. I represented farmers in many different disputes. I represented persons denied unemployment compensation. I represented criminal defendants. I worked as a divorce attorney. I was court appointed to represent juveniles in parental rights matters. I represented individuals in contested commitment proceedings. I represented workers compensation claimants and Social Security disability claimants.

I enjoyed my general practice experience. It taught me a lot about working with folks from many backgrounds, from farmers, to the unemployed, to alleged criminals, to injured persons. I learned something from every client. I still do today. My small town general practice experience continues to influence how I approach the law.

After working in a general practice, I switched gears and practiced exclusively representing persons injured in motor vehicle accidents. Thereafter, I worked for many years as an attorney representing insurers and their insureds in personal injury and workers compensation matters.

I learned a lot from this experience too. My insurance industry experience also influences my current practice, as I know the tricks, tactics, and strategies used by insurance companies to force injured workers into inappropriate settlements or to end payments to injured workers earlier than the law would provide.

Armed with more than 30 years of legal experience in Social Security disability and workers compensation, I continue to serve Minnesotans and others injured at work or disabled from employment. My years in general practice and while representing the interests of employers and insurance companies provide me with invaluable experience and insights into how the insurance industry operates. I try to keep my clients one step ahead of the opposition, with tenacious pursuit of benefits for injured and disabled individuals.

When not practicing law, I enjoy spending time with my wife (who also happens to be a lawyer) and two daughters. I take advantage of Minnesota’s many outdoor pursuits, including fishing, hunting with my pudelpointer (Rye), climbing, cross country and downhill skiing, and travel.