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St. Paul Minnesota Workers' Compensation And Social Security Disability Law Blog

What are some of the most common injuries in the medical field?

Doctors, nurses, nursing aides and nursing home workers -- they all run the risk of suffering injuries at work at a rate greater than construction workers, people in manufacturing jobs or loggers.

Does that surprise you? It probably doesn't surprise anybody actually in the medial field. There are a number of factors that combine daily to make occupations in medicine far more dangerous than outsiders might expect.

Considering retirement because of a disability? Read this first

If you're over 60 years of age and suffering from a disability, you may be trying to eke out a living despite your condition while you wait to reach your minimum retirement age for Social Security.

Instead, you should consider filing for Social Security Disability benefits. Here's why:

Social Security can be a lifeline for the disabled

Have you ever wondered why some areas seem to have more Social Security Disability recipients than others? It's not an illusion. Disabled people tend to "cluster" in certain areas due to numerous complex socio-economic factors and the way that the disability approval process itself works.

Nationally, about one out of every 25 people is disabled enough to qualify for Social Security programs. However, about one out of every 12 people in some northern Minnesota counties is considered disabled.

Get help for needle stick injuries at work

How much harm can a small stick from a needle really do?

If you're a nurse, phlebotomist or another kind of worker who works around needles in a hospital, clinic or medical lab, the potential for harm is tremendous. Aside from the physical risk of disease from blood-borne pathogens, there's a massive psychological impact on anyone who has to wait weeks or months for tests to confirm whether or not they've been infected by something.

Nurses urged to promptly care for their own health

It’s often hard to admit you need help. Because of the difference you make in people’s lives, many Minnesotans like to think of medical professionals as superheroes. A downside of this attitude is that we all, medical professionals included, ignore the dangers of a career in caring for patients.

As someone in the nursing field, it’s especially important for to pay attention to your health. Noticing and reporting injuries or illnesses can have legal, financial and of course health benefits.

Congressman calls for investigation in Social Security Disability

In an earlier blog, we discussed the dismal prospects that many disabled people face with they file for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) -- particularly in Tennessee.

An explosive article by the USA TODAY NETWORK uncovered shocking problems in the system used by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to decide each claim. Essentially, each state has its own central processing spot, known as its Disability Determination Services (DDS). There, a team of professionals is supposed to assemble all of the paperwork for each application, and a doctor is supposed to carefully review the evidence before making a decision.

Light-duty work in Minnesota workers' compensation: What to know

When you've been injured on the job, one of your duties is to make certain that your employer is aware of any changes in your condition that might allow you to return to work.

While Minnesota employers are not required to offer light-duty positions to their injured employee, many will do so once that employee becomes capable of handling some form of employment. If you're being offered light-duty work, here are some important things you need to keep in mind:

What's causing the Social Security Disability denial epidemic?

The allowance rate for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits is dismally low during the initial claims process -- but, why?

In 2016, the last year for which statistics are publicly available, medical allowances on initial applications are only granted on 44.4% of claims. At reconsideration, only another 11.2% of claims are medically approved. Yet, close to half -- 52.3% -- of all the claims that go before an administrative law judge (ALJ) are granted a medical allowance.

What's being done to make hospitals safer for employees?

Living in daily fear of physical violence shouldn't be part of anybody's job -- and hospital workers are tired of acting like it is normal.

Unfortunately, many hospital workers say that when they're victimized, they're often discouraged from filing a report and expected to shrug off whatever happened and accept that it's "just part of the job."

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