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Five most common workers’ compensation claims

Even when there are safety procedures in place and measures are taken to reduce injury, accidents happen. Workers’ compensation covers a variety of injuries and provides stability and financial assistance to the injured employee.

Most common claims

  1. Strains and sprains
  2. Cuts
  3. Bruises
  4. Inflammation
  5. Fractures

Luckily, the most common claims are not the most severe. Workers’ compensation can cover everything from medical costs, lost wages, ongoing care, funeral costs and death benefits. Workers comp’ is helpful to both the employer and employee.

What is the most common cause of injury?

To reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims, employers must understand what causes these injuries.

Simply handling objects (or mishandling them) is the number one cause of injury. This could be anything from touching a material that is too hot, to carrying something too heavy or cutting something that slips out of your hand. This type of injury would most often be classified as an accident.

The next most common cause of injury is slip and falls. They only account for about 16% of workers’ comp claims. Slip and falls are also most often caused by accident but could be caused by an unclean workplace or improper safety gear.

Additionally, colliding with an object, accidents involving tools and injury due to overuse or being overworked account for a percentage of workers’ comp claims.

Safety training and measures taken to prevent injury appear to be very helpful in reducing injury. Most of the common causes of injury are accidents. Wearing proper safety gear, having a clean workspace and rotating employees may be effective ways to reduce injury due to accidents.