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Do I need a lawyer to file a workers’ compensation claim?

When an injury occurs, you’re left unable to work and with medical bills to pay. Benefits are necessary during this time. To receive these benefits, you may be wondering if you need to hire a lawyer to help with the workers’ compensation claim process.

While there are cases you can complete by yourself, there are also situations where a lawyer will be beneficial to you.

When you can file without additional help

There are cases when you can file workers’ compensation without the help of a lawyer. These cases include:

  • You received a minor workplace injury, such as a cut or a sprained ankle
  • You missed little to no work due to your injury
  • You don’t have a pre-existing condition that affects the same part of your body as the recent injury, such as an old knee injury that occurred before you sprained your ankle
  • Your employer admits the injury happened at work and helps you with the workers’ compensation claim process promptly

Even in uncomplicated situations such as these, it can be a good idea to contact a workers’ compensation attorney for a consultation about your case. A lawyer can walk you through the process and inform you of any potential mistake that can be made when filing for workers’ compensation.

When to hire a lawyer

The moment that a workers’ compensation claim becomes more complicated than you feel it should, hiring a lawyer is your best chance at success.

Here are some examples of situations when intervention is necessary:

  • Your employer denies your claim or retaliates against you for filing a claim
  • Your employer doesn’t pay your benefits promptly
  • Your employer’s benefit payments don’t cover all your lost wages or medical bills
  • Your injury prevents you from returning to your job, limits what you can do at work or keeps you from performing any type of work at all
  • You plan to apply for Social Security Disability benefits

In addition to making sure you file all the forms by the proper deadlines, an attorney will know how to gather the evident needed to support your case and negotiate with the insurance company involved. They also write settlement agreements.

When you’re injured and you need benefits, give yourself the best chance at success. By evaluating your situation, you can decide if a lawyer is right for your claim.