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Common mistakes that cause SSDI claims to get rejected

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is a long and complicated process. Fighting for the benefits someone needs can take years to settle, especially when you need to go through appeals after the government denies the application. Knowing what common mistakes people make during their applications can help you avoid the same pitfalls.

Around 65% of all initial applications receive a denial from the government. The reason for denial varies between each case, but some causes are still avoidable. Here are some mistakes someone can make in their application:

Failure in cooperation

If an applicant is not cooperating with the people working on the SSDI claim, they will likely deny the application. Avoid this mistake by providing the caseworker with all the documents they request when they request them. Maintain constant contact to ensure that they are not waiting for anything else to proceed in the application process.

Ignoring doctor’s orders

If a doctor reports that an applicant is not following their orders, it can jeopardize the claim’s outcome. Make sure you follow prescriptions and other recommendations to the letter. Any deviation from what the doctor tells their patient can be what keeps an applicant from earning the income they need to survive.

Lack of evidence

If an applicant cannot provide substantial documented proof of their reason for applying for SSDI, they may not be able to earn their benefits. Keep thorough medical records that show everything. From the first complications of the disability to how the disability impacts everyday living, no detail is too small for documentation.

Prior denials

If an applicant has too many previous denials on their record, they may not be able to receive approval for their claim. A mistake that relates to this includes starting a new application over appealing a denied one. A lawyer can help their client appeal a denial to continue fighting for essential benefits.

Applying for benefits alone

It is much harder to make mistakes when someone with experience is looking out for you. An SSDI attorney provides their clients with essential services to earn necessary benefits as soon as possible.