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Construction workers face many types of injuries

People who work in the construction industry do a lot of physical labor. This can lead to some very serious injuries, but not all of them are readily noticeable right away. In some cases, it takes time before the effects of the damage to the worker’s body will show up. 

The hard work of being on a construction crew puts a considerable amount of wear on the joints and the back. This can cause repetitive motion injuries in those areas. Typically, this will start with discomfort in the affected area, but it will become worse as the injury progresses. Without proper rest and treatment, the damage can become so severe that invasive procedures, including surgery, are necessary to correct the problem. 

Heatstroke is another problem that many construction workers may face. It’s difficult to replenish electrolytes and other necessary nutrients when you’re out in the heat. Even if they drink plenty of fluids, there’s still a chance that they will have heat exhaustion at the least. 

Another issue that they might face is hearing loss. The loud machines and other tools can cause damage to the internal structures of the ears, which can lead to permanent issues. In some cases, wearing earplugs and other protective devices is feasible and can help. There are still times when that might not be a viable option. 

Construction workers who suffer injuries on the job shouldn’t be left to cover the costs themselves. Workers’ compensation coverage should provide the worker with medical care and partial wage replacement if they’re unable to return to work quickly. Unfortunately, some workers will have to fight to receive the benefits they’re due. If that happens, find out how an experienced representative can help.