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In a nursing home, certified nursing assistants could be hurt

As a certified nursing assistant, you’ve always wanted to be there for your patients. Over time, though, you’ve noticed that the patients you’re assigned to have been getting heavier. Weight wasn’t always a problem in your job, but with a few of your immobile patients, it takes hard work to turn and move them. 

Your employer doesn’t have many lifts available, so much of the work you do is manual. The last time you attempted to help the patient move from the bed to the wheelchair, you felt an odd tinge in your back. When you left the room, you knew immediately that something bad had happened.

Workplace injuries are common among CNAs

Back injuries are common among CNAs, as are other kinds of injuries. Did you know that approximately 60.2% of all CNAs reported work injuries within the last year? In total, 65.8% of those polled stated that they had been injured more than once in the last year, and 24% were no longer able to work as a result.

Lifting residents is one of the most common causes of injuries to CNAs. Even when using lifting equipment, CNAs were still likely to be negatively impacted. 

As a CNA, you deserve support if you’ve hurt yourself on the job. A back injury can change the course of your career and may limit what you can do in the future. Our website has more on what you can do to seek workers’ compensation and to get the support and coverage you need as you recover from this injury. Report your injury and seek help soon, so you can get on the road to recovery.