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Hurt on a factory line? Workers’ compensation should cover that

Working on a factory line, you’ve always been cautious about repetitive strain injuries. You knew that doing the same movements time and time again would eventually impact your body, so you made sure you rotated with other workers and did different jobs off and on.

What you didn’t expect was that a new process would end up being what injured you. As you tried to pull down an item that you needed to work on, the machinery jerked upward. The timing must have been off. You were caught off-guard, and a “pop!” in your shoulder made you wince.

After letting go and stepping away from the job, you realized that you had a horrible pain in your shoulder, and you couldn’t use your arm correctly. A co-worker looked at you and told you it was dislocated. Everything in the factory shut down temporarily as 911 was called, and you waited for care.

Now, you have a long recovery ahead of you. The dislocation led to a rotator cuff injury, which you may need surgery for. You’ll have months of physical therapy in the future. All you can think about is how you don’t know how you’re going to support yourself and why this had to happen to you.

Workers’ compensation should be there to support you as you recover

As you recover, workers’ compensation should be there for you. Workers’ compensation usually provides financial support, coverage for your medical care and additional benefits, like vocational rehabilitation, if it’s needed.

Speak with your employer about making a claim. If you have any trouble, your attorney can help you file or appeal a denial of the support you need.