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How does fatigue impact employees?

There are many things that can cause workers to follow unsafe practices when they’re doing their job duties. One of these is fatigue, which can make it difficult for workers to get their tasks done because they have difficulty concentrating. The issue is that many workers might not get a night of quality sleep before they come to work. Things like interrupted sleep or not having enough time to sleep can lead to fatigue. When you add in long work hours, things get even more complicated.

The shift that a worker is on can have an impact on their safety. Second shift workers have an 18% increase in injuries and accidents, while third shift workers have a 30% increase. The length of your shifts also has an effect on safety. Shifts that last 12 hours per day have a 37% increase in accident and injury.

Fatigue can cause people to have a decrease in their ability to remain alert, which can lead to serious accidents. Fatigue-related accidents and lost productivity from health-related issues costs employers an estimated $136.4 billion per year.

Unfortunately, not all businesses can work out a schedule that enables workers to only work ideal hours. Accidents an happen because employees are working overnight hours and not getting sufficient sleep during the day.

Because of this, there is a still a chance that employees who suffer injuries at work should be able to count on the benefits that workers’ compensation provides. This means that their medical bills are paid for. It can also mean that they’re able to receive partial wage replacement if they can’t return to work quickly after the accident occurs.