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Representing Workers Who Suffered A Serious Back Injury

When your back is hurting, it can be virtually impossible to take care of yourself, let alone go to work to support your family. A serious back injury can be highly debilitating and cause terrible agony. If you are living with a back injury you sustained on the job, Nelson Law Office in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, is prepared to be your workers’ compensation law firm. Our attorney, Gregg Nelson, travels across Minnesota to help injured workers get the workers’ comp benefits they are entitled to.

Types Of Back Injury

Back injuries can range from relatively minor sprains and strains to permanent, debilitating trauma. The two most serious ways of injuring the back are the following:

  • Vertebrae, or bones in your spine, fracturing and slipping out of alignment
  • Nerve roots in your spine becoming compressed, which can cause pain, weakness or paralysis

Jobs that require frequent heavy lifting, twisting and bending tend to cause back problems over time. Of course, you can also badly injure your back in a workplace accident. However you were injured, without a healthy back many jobs become impossible. Your source of income can suddenly vanish.

Focused On Getting You The Compensation You Need

Fortunately, Nelson Law Office is here to help you make a successful workers’ comp claim to replace much of your lost income. We will work with your doctors to get an accurate prognosis and present a complete, detailed claim. If you have already filed a claim and been turned down, Mr. Nelson will appeal on your behalf.

To schedule a free initial consultation with Mr. Nelson, please call 651-483-1520, or email our Inver Grove Heights office. We work on a contingency basis, so you pay no legal fees until we have successfully resolved your case.