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Consequential Injuries Qualify For Workers’ Compensation

Some workplace injuries are the direct result of an accident. Others are less direct, but no less debilitating. At Nelson Law Office in Inver Grove Heights, we have been assisting Minnesota workers with their consequential injuries since 1998. Contact attorney Gregg Nelson for experienced workers’ compensation representation.

What Is A Consequential Injury?

A “consequential injury” is one caused by a separate work-related injury. For example, if you hurt your knee at work, you may have to lean hard on your other knee to make up for it. Over time, your “good” knee may wear down too, leaving you even more disabled than before.

Minnesota courts have ruled that a consequential injury entitles the victim to additional workers’ compensation if it was a natural consequence of the previous injury. Proving this can be difficult, but Gregg Nelson is one of the state’s most experienced workers’ comp lawyers, having helped thousands of clients in his more than 35 years of practice.

You should not have to deal with more lost wages and medical bills on top of what you went through with your primary injury. We will work with expert witnesses to show the connection between your workplace injury and your consequential injury to get benefits that will help make up for your lost wages and medical expenses.

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