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Protecting Workers With Pre-Existing Injuries

If you had a pre-existing injury aggravated by a work accident, you may believe that you cannot qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. The truth is, Minnesota’s workers’ compensation law covers work injuries that are aggravations of nonwork-related damage. Since 1998, Nelson Law Office has served injured workers in the southern St. Paul suburbs and all of Minnesota with a focus on workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance law.

Pre-Existing Injuries And Workers’ Compensation

When you have a pre-existing condition, the line between work injury and nonwork injury can be blurry. The legal standard in Minnesota is that an injury is compensable when a work accident was a “substantial contributing factor” to its current condition. Attorney Gregg B. Nelson has practiced workers’ comp law in Minnesota for more than 35 years. As your lawyer, he will build an evidence-based case on your behalf to give you the best possible chance of getting approved at the application stage or on appeal.

It’s a common tactic for employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies to claim that a worker’s injuries were pre-existing and not sustained on the job. Our legal team will investigate your accident and use the evidence to prove that your injury happened in the course of your work duties.

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